two39 generosity

Since the beginning, First Christian has always possessed a spirit of sacrifice, perseverance and generosity in her values. God has blessed us greatly over the years as we have strived to seek and follow His vision for FC.

Ultimately our purpose is to strengthen our calling to the mission of Christ by engaging an Acts 2:39 vision for FC. Our two39 Generosity Initiative is not just a debt reduction program but also a commitment to reaching people.

The two39 Town Hall video explains the concept, development and passion behind the two39 Generosity Initiative.

 The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off—for all whom the Lord our God will call. Acts 2:39

Print Materials

The Fact Sheet provides some basic information about two39 and the part each of us will play. two39 Fact Sheet

The Brochure contains more detailed information about our mission at First Christian, the two39 goals, keys to success for the initiative and ideas on how you can participate. two39 Brochure


two39 totals:

  • First Fruits offering: $194,444.21
  • two39 commitments: $1,252,526 (and growing!)
  • two39 collections to date: $806,917

The First Fruits offering more than doubled the previous highest one-day offering ever collected at FC Newburgh. The over $1.25 million in commitments over the next two years is ahead of the $1 million Pacesetter goal. And that number is still growing as more commitments come in.


On Celebration Sunday, Quentin and the Worship Team led us in “You Lead Us,” a song written for the two39 giving initiative that speaks to God’s leading and faithfulness. This video includes some highlights from Commitment Sunday.

The two39 Courage video, shown on Commitment Sunday, speaks to the need for each of us to put faith first and finances second in making our 2-year commitment to the two39 Generosity Initiative.

Jim and Karen Schooler are the Prayer Team Directors for the two39 Giving Initiative. In this video they share their heart for prayer and generosity.

Adrian and Sharri Kasnick have seen their generosity grow as their faith has grown.

Two39 is driven by the hearts of individuals collectively coming together to make a difference in the Kingdom. This is your chance to engage the story that God is writing through FC.

We are asking every family and individual related to First Christian to consider making a sacrificial financial commitment over and above their regular giving over a two year time frame.

You can make your two39 donations by downloading the FCNewburgh app from the app store and setting up your account through the giving option there, and choosing “Two39” from the list of available funds.